Founded in 1994, United Group was formed with the purpose of driving excellence in construction & building materials industry. Unitile has evolved as a niche business that creates efficient spaces for the modern world through raised access flooring. By continuously evolving workspaces, Unitile has created environments that are modular, highly operational and sustainable – transforming the way we work for all!


OUR MISSION To develop technical proficiency and leadership competencies in our business by building cost competitive, value engineered innovative products & services delivered by a professional team that proactively and consistently meets our customer needs and creates a mutually beneficial engagement.


To be an Indian raised access floor MNC commanding leadership position across geographies we serve by consistently offering safe, innovative & environmental friendly products & solutions through empowered employees leading to “Customer Delight”.


Raised Access Floor

Raised access flooring is a platform built several inches above the structural flooring. It forms a void between the floor and the top surface of the raised access flooring system. The void stores plumbing pipes, air-conditioning piping, power, electrical and data cables. It is a modular system, where panels can be easily uncovered for organisational and technical changes, without skilled manpower or specialized equipment. Its purpose is to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your workspace as well as, maintaining your building for the long run in a cost-effective manner.

Data Center Accessories

With every passing day, we create more data that needs to be stored in our servers. As servers become more complex, server rooms & computer rooms become the heart of every organization and monitoring & managing data centers become a critical task. One of the biggest concerns for all data center personnel is energy consumption efficiency and Unitile brings just the right solution! Unitile Data Center solutions are not only energy-efficient, but also healthy, secure, and cost-effective. They bring compelling returns on investments with lower set-up costs in both, new build & retrofit applications.

UnderFloor Air Distribution

Underfloor air distribution (UFAD) is a method of delivering space conditioning in offices and other commercial buildings that is increasingly being considered as a serious alternative to conventional ceiling-based air distribution systems because of the significant benefits that it can provide. This technology uses the open space (underfloor plenum) between the structural concrete slab and the underside of a raised access floor system to deliver conditioned air directly into the occupied zone of the building. Air can be delivered through a variety of supply outlets located at floor level (most common), or as part of the furniture and partitions.UFAD systems have several potential advantages over traditional overhead systems, including improved thermal comfort, improved indoor air quality, and reduced energy use. By combining a building’s heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system with all major power, voice, and data cabling into one easily accessible service plenum under the raised floor, significant improvements can be realized in terms of increased flexibility and reduced costs associated with reconfiguring building services.