Rack Mount Solution

Austin Hughes is a design and manufacturing group that offers a broad range of solutions based around 19 inch rack mount technology.

Why choose Austin Hughes

We support a worldwide customer base through global locations in the Americas, EMEA, APAC and ASEAN which is complimented by an extensive authorized channel partner network in all regions. Our experienced teams are committed to providing a truly harmonised support structure. Our expertly trained sales and technical teams fully cater for customer specific requirements on all our solutions with exemplary pre and post sale services.



Ultra Rack

Austin Hughes designs UltraRack IT server racks, InfraRack Intelligent server racks, InfraAisle cold aisle containment, InfraSolution SmartCard access control & monitoring for global branded rack. Austin Hughes rack solutions combine next-generation structural integrity, cooling, power distribution, cable management, security, ease-of-use capabilities, and a wide choice of configuration options for increased flexibility.


Designed to meet the needs of data center managers the InfraRack Intelligent Server Rack Series combines the features and functionality of Austin Hughes popular server rack with enhanced rack access control. InfraRack is pre-configured with smartcard handles, LED light bar and temperature sensor making it the intelligent choice.


Quality rack mount power monitoring solutions that help manage power capacity, reduce downtime and energy costs and improve energy efficiency. Austin Hughes offers leading-edge Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and In-line Meters.


InfraSolution products enhance rack level security by upgrading existing racks with NumPad / SmartCard locks. Networked versions further increase your security and access efficiency through remote rack IP door access with HID Proximity or MiFARE swipe card control, temperature & humidity monitoring, and integrated control with monitored and switched rack PDUs.


Helping you keep your data centre temperature under control, Austin Hughes offers a variety of Rack airflow management solutions from rear / front door mounted fans, 19-inch rack mounted fan units and raised floor mounted fan units.


For mission critical data centres, the ability to remotely manage the cabinet environment is vital. Environmental issues with cabinets, including high temperature & humidity, smoke, water leakage, physical threats, unauthorized door access, power and cooling inefficiencies can have a significant impact on operational performance and efficiency.InfraGuard provides an environmental monitoring solution to secure high levels of data center operational stability and flexibility. It also gives a free integrated platform for today’s data centers. User can remotely manage the environment and conditions in racks via IP. This can help reducing manpower and travel costs by negating the need for staff to actually be at the rack location.


CyberView is a comprehensive range of rack mount LCD Console Drawers and KVM switches from Austin Hughes. Used in: Data centers, Control Rooms, Broadcasting, Remote Locations and OEM systems builds.


Our professional and commercial grade LCD panels are specifically design for many business applications. Combining advanced features with superior video performance and image quality, help you communicate colorfully.